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Clear Nutrition,
Real Results.



Based in Charleston, Clar-e-ty Nutrition + Wellness provides clear, personalized macro-based nutrition plans, safe pre and post-natal training, and evidence-based wellness coaching to clients nationwide.  


Nutrition is never one-size-fits-all. From foodies who aren’t fans of exercise, expecting and postpartum wondermoms, competitive athletes who need to fuel for performance...or anyone in between, you deserve to become your best self through mindful eating and proper training.


Your nutrition and wellness plan shouldn’t be complicated, restrictive, and unsustainable - it should be clear, concise and compatible long-term with your lifestyle and goals.


Through Clar-e-ty, we create custom plans designed to help you reassess your relationship with food, achieve confidence and comfort in your own skin, and help live your happiest and healthiest life.


Cut the calorie counting. Toss that skinny tea. Stop the fad diets.


Are you ready for real nutrition for real life? 





Being clear; coherence and intelligibility; sharpness of image or sound; being certain or definite; the quality of transparency or purity.

I found clar-e-ty in a nutrition plan that made sense for me and is helping me lead my healthiest life.

Synonyms: Transparency, Purity, Coherence


Clar-e-ty cares.


A lot. You will hear it in their voices when they talk about helping people … you'll also hear a lot about their favorite and multitude of fur babies. Before founding Clar-e-ty Nutrition & Wellness, you would often find Clar-e-ty owner, Clare Burton, having impassioned conversations about fitness, life, body positivity, nutrition, weightlifting, country music, wellness, and more.

Learn more about the amazing humans behind the mission.

Are you ready to STOP dieting

and START seeing results?

Thought so. Plug in your email to get our FREE ebook for clar-e-ty on how to start eating better today. You heard us, TODAY.  Don't get overwhelmed Googling macros - this guide will walk you through what and how to eat along with meal macronutrients. 

Love Food, Love Yourself.


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