Nutrition Coaching

If you want to rewire your relationship with food, crave accountability and ultimately want to learn how to properly fuel your body for your lifestyle - one + one nutrition coaching is for you.


Whether you are new to macro-based nutrition or a seasoned expert, Clar-e-ty is here to help. The first step? Finding out what makes you YOU. Starting with the data, our team of coaches will consider your height, weight, age, physical activity, and YOUR goals… But, because we’re made up of more than just data points, we'll go far beyond the metrics to listen to what you love, what you don’t, what you absolutely can’t give up, what you wish you could give up, and anything in between.

For a shift in nutrition to be sustainable, it needs to be flexible and make sense for the wonder that is you. We consider both hard and soft data before developing a custom plan for you, and, once you have it, she is there every step of the way to make sure you succeed. Weekly check-ins, grocery shopping, pantry clean-outs, regular pep talks, answers to questions, and adjustments to macronutrient goals are all yours with one-on-one coaching.


Ready to become your best self?


Online Programming

Live outside Charleston, SC? Stuck at what to do when you go to the gym? Feel bored of the same routine? Is the elliptical just not cutting it anymore? Want to just be told what to do without having to hire a personal trainer? Let us help you!


Clar-e-ty offers individualized online programming designed for you to reach your goals without breaking the bank. Programs are made for your gym of choice and your access to equipment, you can now leave the gym feeling accomplished and strong and one step closer to your goal.


Too easy, right? Let’s get started!


Gymnastics + Personal Training

Want to put some sweat equity into your new nutrition plan or have a movement that's got you stuck at the gym?

With a background in gymnastics and flare for that much needed cardio-based endurance, Clare can help you reach your performance goals.

Private personal training sessions start at $40/session or $150/month for 4 sessions.


How bad do you want it?

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