Meet the Owner

Clare cares. A Lot.

You will hear it in her voice when she talks about helping people … and tacos. Before founding Clar-e-ty Nutrition & Wellness, you would often find her having impassioned conversations about gymnastics, life, research, nutrition, weightlifting, country music, wellness, and more at her home box, Iron Bridge CrossFit, where she is a dedicated and trusted coach.  


Before the days of Clar-e-ty and CrossFit, Clare was like many other active people who struggled with balancing nutrition with lifestyle. Not knowing what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat was the norm. This left her never feeling comfortable in her own skin. Despite her athletic endeavors, Clare didn’t feel like she looked the way she felt. After seeing short-lived success with a nutrition program that dropped her caloric intake to dangerously low levels and then struggling with the unwelcome fluctuations that followed, Clare, a researcher and scientist at heart, decided to take matters into her own hands.  

Clare has a  Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Elon University and a Masters in Biomedical Sciences from MUSC giving her both the practical experience and the scientific understanding necessary for safe and thorough nutrition and wellness guidance. While attending graduate school at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), Clare dedicated her sparse spare time to absorbing any and everything about nutrition, while also training to become a coach at Pale Horse CrossFit. During these two years, she was immersed in nutrition as both a scientist and an athlete. 


A Nutrition Consultant certification from NCI and L1 CrossFit Trainer certification round out her impressive list of credentials, along with numerous scientific publications and presentations that all illustrate a dedication and passion toward her subject matter.

Clare started Clar-e-ty Nutrition & Wellness in 2018 and has since worked with hundreds of individuals--women, men, old, CrossFitter, runner, yogi--to help them achieve their desired body composition goals but also improve their overall quality of life, mindset, and personal lifestyles.

In 2020, she grew the team and added two coaches to the roster, so together, Clar-e-ty can create MORE impact and MORE value.

Clare cares. And she would love nothing more than to help you optimize your personal growth, performance, and happiness through nutrition and wellness coaching.

EMILY, Coach

Emily was born and raised in New York.


An athlete her whole life, Emily was introduced to CrossFit in 2012.

She actively pursues CrossFit to this day. In 2018, Emily graduated from College of Charleston, where she rode for the Equestrian team. Emily is an avid runner. She completed the NYC Marathon in 2019 and is set to run Chicago in 2021.

As an athlete and coach, Emily has always been aware of how proper nutrition, or more importantly lack thereof, can effect both performance and mindset--why she makes such a wonderful addition to the team! 

Emily is a Precision Nutrition certified coach and is eager to share her knowledge and help others take charge of their health and happiness through proper and sustainable nutrition.



Ashley was born and raised in South Carolina, but you can find her now living in Oxnard, California living with her husband who is enlisted in the US Navy and two dogs, Bentley, and Lexi.

Like all members of the Clar-e-ty team, Ashley grew up in an active lifestyle. She grew up riding horses and competing at the national level and had every intention to stick with that path until she found her way into a CrossFit gym in 2018.  Just after a few classes, Ashley--like many CrossFitters--was hooked.

After spending a few years diving into the sport of CrossFit and learning and growing as an athlete, she found a new passion of helping others. She earned her CF-L1 certification in 2019 and began her coaching career at Royal Pride CrossFit, her current home box.


Like Clare, she discovered how important fuel is for performance and health in CrossFit and thus began her nutrition journey. She started experimenting with her own body and learning how her body responded to different types and amounts of foods and how that affected her performance and strength and her normal day to day life. It wasn't long after that when she realized she wanted to have the same impact on other people, in and out of the gym.

Ashley is a CF-L1 and Precision Nutrition certified coach and has a deep passion for learning and desire to see and help you succeed in your nutrition, fitness, and over-all wellness and health goals.

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