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In this ebook, you are going to find 30+ of my favorite go-to recipes with their macro-breakdown that I personally have tested and perfected over the past couple of months. 


The recipes vary from super simple to a little more fun and exciting for all types of people. Some need their meals to be fun, while others need simplicity and consistency...well fortunately for you, BOTH are included.


They are also perfect for individuals AND families, so whether you're cooking for yourself or for a crew, you can easily adjust them to your needs...and not to brag, but these recipes have been tested on kids and teenagers, and I got them ALL to go from "I hate veggies" to "can we please have ____ again?"


I've given you recipes for...

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert/snacks - because have you met me? Gotta have my sweets and I'm sure you do too!


If you struggle eating protein, veggies, carbs, fruits, whatever it is, you're going to find something you like in here that you can adapt to your life.


I could go on forever...because I just love food...but I'll let you get to cookin'.

Clar-e-ty Recipe + Macro Guide

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