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1400 calories isn't enough...and here's why

So often I have people tell me how many calories they're eating...and it's not much.

Or I get a new client who sends me their food log logging 900-1200 calories daily.

My passion is getting people OUT of this chronic cycle of undereating...why am I so passionate? Because I was that way for years. I ate 1200 calories. I felt that was the way to lose weight. I was resistant (at first) to adding food into my diet. But then I started sleeping through the night. I started having energy to last all day. I no longer needed 2-3 cups of coffee. I felt...amazing.

And I want you to feel just as amazing.

Watch this video below to learn 1. why we tend to undereat 2. what some of the implications are for undereating and 3. HOW to finally not undereat.


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