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Crushing Those Holiday Parties

You should know by now my philosophy on the holidays.

If you don’t, let me say it again.

When it comes to the holidays, tracking the day of is not required. I don’t encourage it or ask for it from my clients. I personally leave my phone alone on Christmas and Thanksgiving because they’re my two favorite days and I personally don’t need the stress of making it fit within a prescribed plan.

Some personally choose to simply because they love their macros and don’t stray too much even on the holidays. This is their personal decision, though! It’s what works for them.

Now this is all great and most people understand and agree with me on this one. They may have a little resistance at first, but usually they’re good to go.

But what if the holidays consist of party after party? You’re looking at 20 parties between now and the New- Year? Can you afford to let 20 days go by of not tracking, going off plan, or not following the plan slightly?

The answer is no, you can’t. Twenty days of allowing that extra treat or beverage will add up. It will make enjoying that one holiday turn into almost a whole month, which is how people tend to see their progress derail come January 1st.

Soooo how do you approach these holiday parties so that you can enjoy your time but also keep with your progress?? The answer is simple but does take some practice and determination to stay with it.

You allow yourself ONE party per week to loosen the reins a bit. By loosen the reins, I don’t mean for you to say “fuck it” and go balls to the wall on drinks and brownie bites. While you’re at the party, you’re going to prioritize what you’re consuming.

1. Eat the veggies and fruits first. Choose the healthiest options and have a palm-sized serving of each first.

2. Move on to protein, next. Choose the protein-filled dishes and have about a handful serving all together.

3. Enjoy a beverage. Choose the least sugary drinks. Opt for club soda and liquor drinks, beer, or wine (relatively dry).

4. Finish the rest of the party out enjoying some desserts! By now, you’re several hours into the party, relatively full and less likely to indulge on all of the brownie bites. Let yourself enjoy a few sweets though.

Then for the remaining parties that week, you stay adherent to your nutrition plan. You follow the same rules as above but without rules 3 and 4. Instead of rule 3, you drink seltzers, water, or club soda and lime instead of alcoholic drinks. Coconut water is also a great alternative. Read my blog on alcohol on tips to avoid drinking at parties without the judgment. Instead of rule 4, you eat a little bit more of the fruits, veggies, and protein. If there is some dark chocolate around (or bring some of your own), then have a square or two, but none of the cake and brownies.

The day of any party, keep everything the same as you usually do. Get a workout in. Go for a walk to get 10,000 steps. Give yourself room within your macros for roughly 20g protein, 50g carbohydrates, and 15g fats at the parties. Eat a protein-filled snack or “pre-dinner” before going to the party so you’re less likely to indulge on the sugary sweets!

This is how we find balance. You still enjoy yourself once a week and loosen the reins to have fun and indulge a little bit, but you manage to stay adherent and consistent 95% of the week. THIS is a successful nutrition plan. Not eating for the week leading up to the holiday parties or not eating the day of until the party is NOT a successful nutrition plan. You will get much further following this plan I propose instead.

Do this and you will be 100% successful with your diet and hitting up the parties!

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