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FemFit with BirthFit Coach Clare

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Starting March 1, as a BirthFit Coach, I will be hosting FemFit, a women's only strength and conditioning class implementing the four pillars of BirthFit - connection, nutrition, fitness, and mindset - to help all women, whether they are pregnant, postpartum or neither train smarter and better.

Are you a female with a core, a diaphragm, and a pelvic floor? (the answer is yes) If so, FemFit is for you. It doesn't matter if you are pregnant, postpartum or neither. This class is made specially for you.

So... what does this mean? What is FemFit? What is BirthFit? What are you going to get out of it?

"Birth" - the emergence of a baby or other young from the body of its mother; the start of life as a physically separate being; the beginning or coming into existence of something

"Fit" - (of a thing) of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose.

BirthFit combines four pillars - connection, fitness, nutrition, and mindset - to prepare and train mommas to be ready for the biggest event of their lives: birth. It applies the same pillars to our new mommas to heal and recover as they enter their new postpartum adventure. It also takes these pillars and even offers women who have never had a baby and maybe never will a change to transform their health and training.

Why does this matter? I mean you've been training for years and have no problems, right?? There's other mommy and me and women's only classes before. What makes FemFit and BirthFit any different?

Strength and conditioning training offers a multitude of benefits: better bone health, muscle growth, weight-loss, longevity, and more. Unfortunately, most of the S&C models and training programs were developed for men and men's bodies. Women, doing what we do best, jumped on board because why the hell not?? If you can do it, so can I! In doing so, we just adapted to the male model of training and didn't bother to develop our own. But women are different. Our bodies are different. We have the capacity to grow life inside of us. Our training should be adaptable to these differences. FemFit does just that... it honors the female body and strengthens it to outperform any male-based model. It makes you stronger because it is designed for you.

The perfect example is the common occurrence of women peeing when they run or jump. It's laughed off, often mocked. If you've ever experienced this, you know how humiliating it can feel. But hey, I'm here to tell you one thing, whether a woman has had a baby or not, COMMON IS NOT NORMAL.

Another is telling a pregnant woman to just quit all activity to "protect the baby". Another is that magic "6-week mark" clearance mark where a new momma is released back to the gym with no clue what to do with her new body...but with no resources or guidance. Again common is not normal... this doesn't have to be the status quo.

FemFit and BirthFit changes that.

I found BirthFit when I was in grad school completing research on lactation and breastfeeding. Combined with my passion for coaching women through CrossFit, BirthFit was the answer to my prayers. This is a business founded and run by women who develop strength training programs to help women learn how to train for birth and then recover from the big event. I mean, we all train for a marathon or a CrossFit competition...why not birth?? They have defined each stage of a women's pregnancy and postpartum journey and have provided ways to modify and cater a women's training to each stage, leaving the power in the mommas hands.

In other words, she becomes the CEO of her training. She's in charge and nothing is more powerful than that.

Women don't have to avoid the gym when they're pregnant. They don't have to wait until that magic 6-week mark after their baby has been born. FemFit recognizes the individuality of a woman's journey and leaves room within their programming to allow the momma to decide the pace and progress of her journey.

As a BirthFit Coach, I will be providing a weekly program that is all about small group strength and conditioning catered to meet you where you are in life...whether you're already on your pregnancy or postpartum journey or not! I will emphasize intention and focus on proper technique to keep you safe and make you stronger. We're talking quality over quantity, here, because that's what matters.

Join me on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30AM to 10:30AM at Pale Horse CrossFit for a women’s only workout. You do NOT have to be a Pale Horse member to join. This is open to all women in the area who are ready to learn training catered to their bodies and connect with other women going through the same exact thing.

This program can suffice on its own or provide supplemental training for you and your body. So if you're a member at another gym, don't you worry or cancel your gym membership! Come join :)

Oh and the best part? Little ones are welcome. I will create a welcoming environment for your little ones giving you the space to work out without having to rely on a babysitter.

NO CrossFit experience is required. This class isn't the classic CrossFit you're thinking of. This is women getting together to do what women do the world and look great doing it.

Ready to sign up?? Apply here to get started!

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