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The Handful Diet 101

Tracking isn't for everyone. If you're looking to develop a better relationship with food, simply make healthier choices, and build a sustainable lifestyle, you don't need to be as diligent and precise. For many people with a history of disordered or restrictive eating, tracking calories and macros could be too triggering.

In fact, even with my clients who do track their macros and calories, there comes a point when they're ready to be on their own and stop coaching with me. With every single one of them, I take the remaining time we have left to teach them how not to track.

Enter the Handful Diet.

The Handful Diet is the go-to diet to accomplish all of your nutrition goals without tracking calories and macros.

This video tutorial is going to teach you what the handful diet is, how to follow it, and most importantly how to adjust it to your lifestyle and eating habits.

For coaching on the Handful Diet, apply here!

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