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What's scarier? Halloween or your nutrition?

Halloween should be scary, not your nutrition!

Do you struggle making it through the holidays without a binge? Are you scared of the holidays when they come around for fear of them derailing all of your progress? Don’t be.

You have to find the right balance between treating yourself and staying on target. I always encourage 1 treat/week if you’re not cutting (meaning in an active diet phase via a caloric deficit). This treat could range from a ton of stuff: 1 cookie, 3 cookies, a lil' bit of popcorn, a whole lot of popcorn, 1 slice of pizza, a whole large pizza, or just a simple break. For me personally, I give myself one day per week where I don’t track at all. I listen to my body and give it the foods it wants. This includes vegetables, healthy fats, and carbs. This also includes some chocolate to keep me sane and to make my diet sustainable.

Now a note about the infamous cheat days. You should stay away from these. If you’re subscribed to my emails, you know why AND how to avoid them. If not, then subscribe NOW! I'm not saying you can never have a treat in your life BUT let's change how we call it. “Cheating” is a bad word and we hate ourselves on cheat days. Let's treat ourselves instead. We also shouldn’t have a day where we actively make ourselves sick by eating 4000 calories in pizza and donuts. Instead, we should get a donut one day or maybe order a pizza one night with your friends or significant other for a movie night. Balance!

Choose ONE time each week to relax and to give your mind and body the break it needs.

If you find yourself having those uncontrollable binges, I’ve been there. I’ve eaten a jar of peanut butter in one sitting. Same with a whole pizza, a mound of candy, or a gallon of ice cream. If this is you, you’re likely restricting yourself TOO MUCH during the week and need to bring your intake up to a healthy maintenance. Not sure how, sign up here for coaching to learn.

Below I’ve provided the top 10 cravings most of us humans have and provided some whole food alternatives so that you can get your sweet or salty fill for the holidays without having to go crazy.


1. Chips – Cut potatoes into thin slices, drizzle with olive oil and salt and bake at 450° until thin and crispy – serve with salsa or guacamole

2. Pretzels – Salted almonds or other nuts with hummus or guacamole

3. French fries – Cut potatoes julienne style or into cubes and prepare and cook same as above or opt for sweet potato fries instead

4. Any salty snack – Roasted and salted veggies – Brussel sprouts drizzled with honey, butternut squash, kale chips, seaweed chips

5. Ice cream – Greek yogurt (frozen or regular) + berries + honey/agave or sorbet

6. Halloween candy – Pecans + dried fruit + an apple drizzled with honey and toasted coconut flakes

7. Chocolate – Dark chocolate is the BEST substitute, berries, dark chocolate covered fruit, rice cake with a dollop of nut butter topped with dark chocolate chips

8. Any sugary, sweet treat - Grilled pears (drizzle with honey and basil and grill until soft) or Protein Balls

9. Booze - Soda water + shrubs (shrubs are a game changer especially cinnamon apple)

10. Soda – flavored seltzer, Zevia, or soda water + shrubs

Not only are these good alternatives but they’re tasty as well and family-approved. Give them a shot and see how it goes!

Happy Halloween!!

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