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What is "healthy"?

What is "healthy"?

What does it mean to be healthy?

How do we become healthy?

  • Is it from eating all of the right foods?

  • Is it from exercising regularly?

  • Is it from creating meaningful connections?



And probably a lot of other things.

But the main thing I'd like to talk about here is the diet part of this equation.

It's pretty widely understood that eating plenty of nutrient rich foods is going to be good for overall health and well being.

I often hear things like. "I'm want to eat healthy foods” or “This is the healthiest (insert type of food) there is”

Phrases like organic, non GMO, low fat, no sugar, low carb, “no chemicals”, gluten free, plant based, etc, are put out there anytime describing foods and how healthy or not healthy they are.

Most people have their own opinions about what a healthy meal looks like.

Many people would agree that fast food is “unhealthy” or that three meals a day is all you need.

I’m here to say why they are both right AND wrong.

If you have been following Clar-e-ty for some time you will know we do not support “good” or “bad” foods, healthy or unhealthy.

  • For a busy single mother, a drive through meal is the time saver that they need at the end of a busy day.

  • For a broke college student, having ramen for the third day in a row is going to help them pay their rent on time.

  • For a new gym goer, prepping their meals on Sunday instead of participating in “sunday funday” with friends aligns with their weight loss goal.

There are varying degrees to what is “healthy”.

It changes and is flexible.

Some days you are not able eat chicken breast, broccoli, and rice each meal, and that does not mean you ate “unhealthy”.

Trying to only purchase non-GMO or non-processed foods could also not be as healthy as you believe it to be.

A healthy diet is going to be:

  • Sustainable

  • Manageable

  • Obtainable

  • Cost effective

  • And mostly depends on the person and environment they’re in.

Our current clients know this, and the ones getting started learn this almost immediately.

We don’t push foods onto anyone, or shame or blame them for making mistakes or choices in their diet. We educate. We relate. We guide.

Each client we work with goes through real life experiences and challenges, so we help them navigate through that, while making the best nutritional and habit choices along the way that they can with their current circumstances.

If you want to work 1:1 with one of our coaches to create lasting healthy changes to your diet & lifestyle, apply below!


If you're interested in booking a free consultation, apply below!

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