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6 Reminders For Your Summer Bod

Today is rant content day.

We’ve gotten out of the habit of going on huuuuuuge rants.

For a couple of reasons...

First, even though emotions are great, we honestly prefer an evidence-based approach. Although we have emotions, we’re not here to coach and educate based off of how we “feel” about a subject. Do we liiiiiiiiiiike fasting for weight loss? Honestly not really (from an empirical state). HOWEVER, based on the science, we do see some benefits so if we feel that a client will not only be adherent but also might get better results, we’re there to push our feelings aside and go with what evidence tells us.

Secondly, rants often don’t educate, which is probably one of our biggest and most important values as a business. While we do charge for our services like our 1:1 coaching and our diet audits (we have to live, too, ya know), we don’t want the information to be kept a secret. If you wanted to, based on our website, blogs, email newsletters and social media feed, you could do this all on your own completely for free. When you sign up for Clar-e-ty coaching, part of what you’re paying for is the knowledge we have, but also for the ease of not having to do it on your own. Accessibility is HUGE when it comes to health & wellness, so for that reason we try and stick to as much education about nutrition and health related topics as much as possible. So that YOU can get as much value as possible.

But like we said, today is a bit different.

Which means that’s probably because we’re pretty fired up.

As you’ve probably guessed it from the title, we’re talking about getting ready for that summer body.

As you MAY be feeling, depending where you are in the world, spring time is fast approaching. For us here in Charleston, it’s soon going to be gone and all we’ll be left with is miserable heat and humidity.

If you have been paying attention to social media feeds, gyms and influencers, or just any conversation, you’ve likely heard the ever so famous phrase about getting “summer ready”.

But let’s pause for a second and actually think.

What does that even mean?

What types of bodies ARE acceptable during the summertime?

What is the difference between a “winter body” and a “summer body”?

What are acceptable clothes for one to wear if they don’t have a “summer body”?

Why must one have a 6-pack or weigh less to earn the right to wear skin-revealing clothes like it’s the 1900s and ankles are still the devil’s work??

The diet culture is absolute garbage.

And we’re here to call it out and give you a couple of reminders as you head into this incredibly triggering & frustrating season of the year.

Reminder #1: A body is just that...a body.

While that phrase for sure has serial killer vibes, it’s true.

There is absolutely NO difference...nor should there be...between the body you have in the winter and the body you have in the summer.

They can be the same.

They can be different.

Your winter body can be smaller than your summer body.

The start of summer doesn’t need to be marked as the time in the year where you must have the lowest body fat percentage.

In fact, when we look at the science (we’ve gotta bring it in every once in a while), we see changes in adipose tissue (fat cells) biology & even increases in metabolic rate. When we look adherence, we see ability to adhere better during the winter. We see that especially for parents whose kids are in school and are more in a routine. For young folks, we see less of a social life during the winter as opposed to summer months. SO when we take some of these things into consideration, it might even be EASIER for you to be at a lower body fat percentage during winter months than in summer months.

You’re allowed to have the body you have now heading into summer.

Reminder #2: There is absolutely NO rule demanding the body type you must have to wear certain types of clothes.

Booty shorts, running shorts, tank tops, leggings, bikinis, tank tops, jean shorts.

IF you have a body, IF you find yourself comfortable in them, AND you want to wear them, just wear them and F*** the haters.

If you want to take your shift off at the gym or when you run or walk, DO IT.

One lesson I learned many moons ago is that SOMEONE somewhere thinks that you are body goals...even if you don’t like where you’re at now. While this message can go the wrong way, it’s a really great reminder that someone COULD see you out there rocking shorts and go “wow, I LOVE their body & I feel inspired.” Having worked at gyms over the past 6+ years, I hear a very common phenomena. Someone sees another person who looks like them or similar to them wearing shorts or taking their shirt off during a workout & INSTANTLY feels comfortable and empowered to do the same.

I mean...can we love that message anymore???

Be the inspiration for someone out there this year. Empower others by empowering yourself.

That’s the 2022 summer I am here for.

Reminder #3: Crushing your body now for the sake of a summer bod sets yourself up for years of yo-yo cycling.

What’s it worth to you?

Do you want to lose 10lbs aggressively now to be miserable?

Do you want to diet hard now to where you need to take the rest of the summer or fall reversing out of that intense deficit that probably wasn’t enjoyable...and maybe not even successful?

What if, instead of absolutely crushing and starving yourself for some arbitrary season, you focused on the long term...what and WHO you want to be a year from now? 5 years from now?

We see quick fixes...all the time.

And those that are selling you on some quick summer bod fix isn’t here for your health. They’re really not here for you at all.

They’re here to make some your expense.

There is a better way to do it.

We will be honest, though. IT WILL TAKE LONGER.

But what is that worth to you? A lifetime of happiness? Or a short period of ignorant bliss repeated year after year?

Reminder #4. Skin jiggles.

Skin moves.

Everyone has fat.

A whole lottttaaa people have cellulite.

Everyone’s skin rolls.

Join the club.

It’s natural.

Just because it’s summer time and temperatures are toasty doesn’t mean you should no longer have a normal part of cellular biology.

Healthy body fat percentages range from 15-25% for men and 20-30% for women. That means if you weigh 150lbs, you will have anywhere from 30-45lbs of body fat alone...and that would be HEALTHY.

It’s not natural nor is it realistic to remain rock hard “toned” and solid for 3 months out of the year.

Bodies move.

When you lift.

When you run.

When you dance.

When you laugh.

When you walk.

Just because you have some jiggle doesn’t mean your body isn’t good enough to flaunt off. It all its glory.

Reminder #5: There are other goals besides weight loss.

You can get strong.

You can build muscle.

You can get fitter.

You can move well.

You can have fun and eat freely.

You can feel good.

You can learn to eat enough food & finally fuel your body.

You can get healthy & improve quality of life.

You can learn to not only love food again but your body as well.

These are all things we’ve worked on with our Clar-e-ty clients this spring season as we head into summer.

Sounds so much better, right???

Summer bod season, bikini season, etc. all implies that you need to lose weight to like the body you have.

That’s BS.

There are SO MANY other goals that you can achieve & we’re here to help you achieve those.

The best part is...when you achieve all those things probably don’t even need to lose weight or get #summerbodready.

Reminder #6: Your body is not equated to your worth.

The problem with #summerbodyseason and #bikiniseason is it implies that the body you have is not worth it. It’s not good enough. It needs changing.

And if you don’t want to change your body, some stupid arbitrary message shouldn’t be the deciding factor to your worth.

Why we are so passionate...and go on and on and because we care about YOU.

We think you’re worth it.

Whether you’re 100lbs or 200lbs.

Whether you’re muscular or not.

Regardless of your body fat percentage.

We work with so many people who believe they’re less than they’re really worth because of their size.

We’re so incredibly tired of the diet culture shoving fad diets, weight loss, and feelings of inferiority down our throats.

While we encourage and recognize that many people DO want and probably at some point will NEED fat loss phase, we’re not here to perpetuate and regurgitate that message you’ve constantly been hearing for years and years and years.

We’re not anti-diet by any means.

But we are ready for a shift in messaging.

You’re not going to hear us “working out to get summer ready” or repeating anything that resembles getting ready to hop into a bikini.

We’re here to encourage YOU to get strong, to move your body, to appreciate the body you have, and to strive to FEEL good in the body that you have.

Thank you for coming to our rant.

We hope you learned something valuable even though it maybe wasn't as scientific as it's been in the past...#balance

If you want to work with a nutrition coach who won't starve you this spring & summer season and will help you just be a better version...OR THE SAME VERSION...of who you are now, apply to work with one of our Clar-e-ty coaches.

We'd love to have you :) Apply below!


Resources and Coaching: Online Coaching here. [Free] Nutrition Guide here. Recipe & Macro Guide here.

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