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Do Abs = Health? [VIDEO]

Do you often look at your favorite CrossFit Games athlete rockin' their 8-pack set of abs and immediately assume they're "the standard"?

Do you think they're healthy? Would you take nutrition advice from them JUST because they have a set of abs??

Coach Ashley shares her thoughts on the subject!! This is a topic coaches in the CrossFit space deal with regularly & something Ashley cares about .... A LOT!!

Because she has a personal relationship to the subject.

Watch Ashley's video addressing this topic below!!

So just to be clear, I know these athletes are fit, but are they “healthy”? I’m not so sure.

To be honest, “health” within certain parameters is pretty relative anyway and looks different for everybody. What looks healthy for me might be 30 mins of walking a day and 4 days a week of resistance training and getting protein and veggies at every meal, but health for someone else might be 5 days of CF a week and a prescription of flexible macros.

It honestly all depends on that person and their goals. Which I know you here us say a lot, but it couldn’t be more true.

I just want normalize the fact that every person’s body is beautiful. No matter the shape, or size. And it’s important not to get wrapped up in the images and personas we see on social media on an athlete, influencer, or someone else’s page.

And what makes people healthy isn’t the 5-6 hours a day of training, or the visible abs, but walking more, resistance training, eating more whole, unprocessed foods, prioritizing fruits, veggies, and protein, sleeping 8-9 hours every night, and minimizing stress.

Like what you hear, relate to the subject, & want to work 1:1 with Ashley?? Apply for a consult call here!


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