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Hiring the RIGHT Coach [GUIDE]

If you’re not seeing results and you’re NOT where you said you were going to be January 2019, then answer these questions.

How long have you been trying to get results?

How many times have you failed? Regained all your lost weight? Given up? Fallen off the wagon?

How many “programs” have you dropped $$$$ hoping it would work?


How much more money are you going to drop before you decide to do the one thing that essentially is guaranteed to work?

How many more times are you going to lose weight knowing you’re just going to gain it all back because you don’t have the guidance, accountability, and sustainability you need?

By now, you should probably know I 100% believe that everyone could benefit from having a coach in their lives.

Coaches provide SO many benefits.

  • They prevent all those questions you just shamefully answered above.

  • They educate and teach you what you don’t know.

  • They are unbiased and choose the direction that is right for you, whether you like it or not.

  • They are professionals in their field. You hire a plumber when your toilet breaks, right?

  • They provide accountability.

  • They are a support system you didn’t know you needed.

  • They get you results...much faster than flailing about.

Yet, despite allllll these benefits, there seems to exist a stigma around hiring a coach. It somehow has become the idea that you’re “weak” if you have a coach to do the process for you.

Let me tell you that hiring a coach is by no means a sign of weakness. If anything, it’s the exact opposite. Recognizing that you’re not the professional and that someone else is better suited for the job is going to save you a world of stress and worry (and likely money). I mean, truly how much money have you spent on supplements or weight loss pills or “diet programs”?? How much money have you thrown at Weight Watchers, Advocare, or Isagenix?

Recognizing that money can be better spent on a coach is far from “being weak”. It’s also not a sign of stupidity...and you know what? If hiring a coach IS in fact weak and stupid, if it gets you results and heals YEARS of damage, failure, and self-doubt, who gives a shit? Pretty sure they called the people who believed that the Earth was round morons, too.

Still not sure? Let me tell you about the THREE coaches I have...and see if I’m weak or stupid. I am a really good coach...I’ve helped numbers of people reach their goals...and I have a business coach, nutrition coach and a training coach who writes my training programs. Why? To keep me accountable, to make my life easier, to relieve some stress, to keep my personal bias out of it (I’ll forever give myself more food than necessary and forever will choose handstands over double unders or muscle peeps make sure this doesn’t happen), and to LEARN (I knew very little about how to run a business until I worked with a coach). Since having these coaches, I’m no longer perpetually injured, my business has grown some 500%, I’ve had to quit side jobs and downsize coaching hours because of my thriving business, and I have a body that people are envious of, males and females (something I NEVER had until now and something that plagued me for years).

Now, I know that money is oftentimes the limiting factor and that not everyone can afford a coach. However, before you come to that conclusion first assess where you’re spending your money right now. Are you spending $100+/week on going out over the weekends? Are you dropping $15/day eating out at restaurants instead of cooking at home? Are you online shopping every month? If you are, then you now have the decision where you get to go from here...keep spending money elsewhere and continue coach-less OR make some sacrifices and changes to hire and work with a coach. Understand that it is your choice and this blog is by no means to convince you to drop a ton of money on a coach...just providing insight you may not have realized.

And if money is the limiting factor and you can’t hire a coach, good coaches (I can name at least 20) put out FREE content every single week. Between blogs, Instagram posts and stories, podcasts, YouTube series, Twitter, and newsletters, you can “hire” a coach without having to actually pay them. I mean, I have a FULL nutrition guide that’s completely free that sets up your entire nutrition (as I personally would with you as a client).

So, money isn’t the reason you’re not getting results.

So. Now back to hiring a coach. Great, maybe now you’re convinced...but where do you go from here? The problem with the coaching space, especially now, is how do you choose?

There are a number of considerations that goes into choosing the right coach for you.

I’m an awesome coach...for some people...not for everyone. I like jokes. I like compassion. I like empathy. I want to know my clients. I want the email or check in or picture from a client of their son joining them at the gym with them. This is why many of my clients are women...because I connect very effectively with them. Some people want a coach who will be hard on them and tell them when they’re fucking up and need to get their shit together. I have never nor will ever say that to a client. Doesn’t make me a good or bad coach...just a good coach for people that don’t respond well to that type of criticism.

Sometimes (and I felt this way for so long), it feels like finding the right coach is like finding a needle in the haystack. You can find a million coaches offering the same general service. Some of them are perfect for you. Some are not.

This blog is a bit different from some in the past. This honestly has no “nutritional guidance” per say. I’m using this blog to teach you, both as a coach and as a client, the best ways to find the perfect coach for you without having to commit and waste your money in the process.

And guess what...this may even mean you find the perfect coach that is NOT me...and that’s 100% okay!! I have referred potential clients to OTHER coaches knowing they’d get better results and be happier with the process with the other coach. At this point, all I want in this world is for people to have the nutrition guidance they deserve, with or without me.

So enjoy! And if you’re still stuck on where to start in the hiring and searching process, I am personally inviting you to email or DM me on either Facebook or Instagram with the type of coach you’re looking for, and I will help find you the perfect coach for you, whether that’s me or someone completely different.

Step 1. Find potential coaches and professionals

Figure out what you’re struggling with the most (nutrition, life, training, business) and search Google, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for some coaches in that field. Look for people you admire and ASK them for referrals. See what they’re paying attention to on social media. Follow them on social media and get to know them. Make sure that they’re preaching the values you value.

I had NO clue how to run a business and honestly was pretty confused over how to be a nutrition coach when getting into the space, but all the people I followed or searched were also following and resharing content and posts from Jason Phillips and Cody McBroom, so I followed them and eventually went to Jason Phillips nutrition certification course and then hired Cody to coach me on my business and eventually nutrition.

Step 2. Subscribe to their newsletters and stay updated on their content

Get to know your potential coach. Subscribe to their newsletters and other forms of content, whether it’s a podcast, blog, or YouTube channel. Turn on post notifications. Listen to their IG stories. Actually, first, make sure they DO all of these things. Make sure they have a social media presence. Make sure they are putting out free content, because if they are, that’s usually a sign that they’re not there to take your money. I put out so much free content that you could have me as a coach without having to ever pay for my coaching services...the people who DO hire me want the benefits of a coach NOT because that’s the only access to my knowledge. Expose yourself to their message and to how they work. See if you value what they have to say and how they say it. Assess from their content if you could realistically be friends with them. Make sure you respect what they have to say. There were people I tried following in the nutrition space that made me cringe. They have some 60k followers, so they’re working for some people (more than that really) just not me.

It’s like dating. You don’t (well shouldn’t) just marry the person after the first date. You go on a second date, and a third, and so on. During that time, you learn what they love and don’t love. You learn what you have in common with and what you don’t. You learn about their family. You do this until you feel comfortable enough to ultimately make a decision is made where you seal the deal or you don’t.

Step 3. Slide in those DMs

Ask questions and pay attention to their responses. See if they’re going to bother answering you. See if they will answer your simple question for free. Maybe they offer to get on a free call JUST to answer your question. That’s a pretty good sign that they’re a good coach. It also shows the coach that you’re invested and motivated and worth the time. I only got offered an application to be a client for my biz coach after I sent him either an email, Facebook message or Instagram DM asking him for more details or a random question.

Step 4. USE their resources

If they offer free resources, try them out. See if their methods work for you. See if you’re even ready to hire a coach. If you can’t stick to their simply 3-week trial program, then maybe it’s not the right coach for you. Yes, there is an extra benefit with the personal accountability with a coach, but if you try the program (or whatever trial period or guide) they’ve made and you either hate it or can’t do it, then it’s a pretty good sign they’re not the ones for you. On the other hand, if you try it and have never felt more free or successful, that’s a pretty good sign you will vibe well together.

Step 5. THEN reach out about coaching.

Once you’re sure, reach out about coaching. Notice that this is the LAST step, not the first. By now, you should know that they’re worth the money and the investment and that you’re not wasting both your time and money. You not only become more successful, but you become a better client. Being a better client makes the coach more susceptible to developing a relationship and going above and beyond...and who doesn’t want that??? YES coaches should be unbiased and love all their clients, and I give the same time to every paying client, but I will tell you that I am much more excited seeing a check in or email from the client who’s trusted me and did her research first versus the one who has doubted me or insulted me every step of the way because they just want weight loss without my methods.

Just because a coach helps people lose weight or build muscle or get a 6-pack doesn’t mean they’re the coach for you. Too many people see a transformation I post—which is why I don’t post transformations often—and immediately hire me without doing their research. Those are the people that I can’t get to answer a single check in or the ones that attack my methods or even just me personally. The ones that do the research tend to make the right investment and therefore see better results in less time.

After reading, if you’re ready to start seeing lasting results with me as YOUR COACH, then apply here for a coaching call and we will hop on a [free] call to get your nutrition set up.

And are some free resources ;)

Resources and Coaching:

Online Coaching here.

[Free] Nutrition Guide here. (promo code - NomNom)

Recipe & Macro Guide here.

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