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NUTRITION - How to get started 101

Let's talk coaching.

It's often a common phrase we hear in the fitness & nutrition space: "Oh I need to lose X lbs before signing up with you" OR "Oh, I'm not fit enough for a gym membership yet".

Literally all the time.

But does this really make sense? IS there any merit to these phrases?

Not really.

Would you say you need to be a professional NASCAR driver before learning to drive? OR that you'll wait to take antibiotics until you're not sick?


Coaching is open TO EVERYONE.

This also applies to gym memberships.

We know this can be intimidating...that you don't want to embarrass yourself or make a fool of yourself...but the best time to start is NOW...not after you've flailed about for a few months....or years ;)

Here at Clar-e-ty, we do a LOT to make you comfortable.

In fact, in case you missed out on our email earlier this month, we have added TWO more additional services have been added beyond our 1-on-1 coaching. These extra services offer you a few different ways to get after your goals and offer a bit of flexibility in pricing.

SO you may not be ready for the ALL IN style of coaching we offer...but NOW we've opened that up to you with either a DIET AUDIT where a Clar-e-ty Coach simply provides feedback & directions about YOUR diet via a simple phone call or a POWER HOUR group zoom call where you get to work intensively for 60-90 minutes on ANY topic.

Today's blog is going to show you nutrition at ANY LEVEL & WHAT the next best steps for you are. IF you're brand new & need the works, we tailor our approach to provide you the direction & clar-e-ty to solve it all. MAYBE you just need some tweaks...there's an approach that's best suited to you too. We tackle all:

  • Beginners

  • Intermediates

  • Advanced experts

  • Dieters

  • Gainers

  • Inbetweeners

EVERYONE is welcome here, so enjoy :) AND if any sound like you, just apply for a prospect consult call & learn more about how we can help you! (free of charge).

So often we have people inquire about where is the best place for them to start and where they should make their investment. Nutrition coaching is a financial and a time investment in yourself. We factor all of this in before making our suggestion! Sometimes clients want to check in every week, every few days, or just get an opinion every few weeks. Everyone is different.

Fortunately for you...and for us...we have a few avatars we frequently run into! See if you identify best with any of them below and which service may be the best place for you to start.

PS: If you are still unsure where to begin after reading through this blog reach out to us! Everyone’s path is individualized and we are here to accommodate your specific goals and lifestyle!

Avatar 1 - The Chronic Dieter

"I have been dieting for years on and off. I am not seeing progress and frequently burnt out. I have tried every diet under the sun and they may work great for everyone but I feel terrible and my performance is suffering. No matter how little I eat I am still unhappy with my weight and have no idea where I am faltering. I have an all or nothing mindset. I want to be educated and have a better relationship with food but I'm just unsure where to begin. HELP!"

Starting Suggestion: 1-on-1 Coaching! If you have been trying diet after diet and find yourself unsure what to do next hire a coach! Your coach will write you an individualized plan that will cater 100% to your goals and everyday life. You do not simply receive a nutrition prescription, we build better, sustainable habits together that over time will give you the healthy lifestyle you have been striving for. 1-on-1 coaching provides you with accountability and someone to check in with. You have communication throughout the entire week and any and all questions are answered within 24 hours, you go through this process WITH your coach and are not alone.

Often Coach Clare breaks down our rate vs daily Starbucks coffees or a fancy dinner date. Prioritize your nutrition for the initial 3 months with us and establish better habits. I can promise you you’ll want to continue on after your initial commitment and continue pushing your limits to be the best version of you.

Before any 1:1 investment, we will hop on a quick call to make sure we're a good fit, so if you're still on the fence, no worries! Just apply & chat with us.

Avatar 2 - The Nutrition Enthusiast

"I am interested in your nutrition and have been working on your own to research and learn to fuel your body. Throughout my process I have hit a bit of a plateau or stopping point. I am ot sure where to go next. I can hold myself accountable and do not need weekly check ins at the moment. I want to try this on my own a bit longer but may want to engage a coach in the future."

Service Suggestion: Diet Audit! Hop on a call with a coach and let them evaluate your specific diet. Go over what is going well, where you need work, and what may be missing. There are so many different variables to change. A coach can help point you in the right direction and create an actionable plan to move forward with. This service will require you to track 3-6 days so you have a full data set to review with your coach on your call.

Avatar 3 - The Nutrition Newby

"I am just starting to dive into the nutrition realm and unsure where to look first. Between Instagram, Google, Facebook, and everyone at the gym I am not sure what could work and need some clarety :)"

Service Suggestion: Nutrition power hour! The nutrition power hour will be open to 5 spots per month. The power hour will consist of a 90 minute deep dive about any and every topic you are interested in. You set the agenda and we show up with the facts! This small group session gives you a chance to interact with a coach and learn more about your next steps in the nutrition process.

Avatar 4 - The Performance Queen (or King)

"I have been crushing it in the gym and striving for performance. I am checking every box at the gym but fueling feels off. I am not really sure how to best optimize your nutrition to bring your performance to the next level. The gym accounts for 1-2 hours of my entire day and I am ready to tap into the remaining hours to truly level up."

Service Suggestion: 1-on-1 coaching! When we are diving into performance based nutrition it is best to work with a coach directly. When we work with athletes who have a performance goal we are constantly tweaking numbers and habits to best suit their training needs and lifestyle. Your day to day changes, your nutrition needs to be able to flex to meet those demands as well. We communicate with our clients throughout the week. This week we are preparing for the last week of the CrossFit Open for some of our athletes. We have made individualized fueling plans and check in on how they went and where we can improve going forward. This continues outside of CrossFit. Running a race, fueling plan. Long bike? Fueling plan. Working out in the garage before you send your kids to school and before you start a long day of work? Fueling plan needed. We want you to not only perform your best but feel your best every single day. We are there to not only make a plan but help you execute on it every single day.

Avatar 5 - The Corporate Worker

"I am working from home and on calls for most of my day. Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic I commuted to work and met face to face with my coworkers everyday. My movement has gone down significantly and I have a harder time pulling myself away from the computer late in the evening. I want to set a better routine and prioritize my health by building better habits and am unsure where to even begin."

Service Suggestion: Power Hour! Write all your questions down and book a spot with a coach. Take the opportunity to get all your questions out there and see what is next. There may be some simple habits you can work towards to transform your day to day. This will let you invest your time into work and save you hours from scrolling through Google and Instagram. Our coaches cannot wait to help and answer your questions!


Any of these sound familiar? WE HOPE SO!

But also understand everyone is different.

These 5 avatars only represent some of the inquiries we get. No matter who you are or what step of the nutrition process you are in Clar-e-ty has something to offer for you. We preach INDIVIDUALIZED COACHING for a reason!

Think where you would like to be in 3 months, in 6 months, in 1 year. How can we help you today to get there? We are so excited to work with you. Please reach out if you are unsure where to start or if you want to be connected with a coach for any of our service offerings above.

PS: We have a few freebies on the site. Check out our habit tracker and stay on the lookout for free giveaways from our coaches on Instagram. Last month 1 macro setup was given away and 3 free strategy calls. Make sure you are on our email list and following ALL of our coaches on social media so you don’t miss out!


Resources and Coaching:

Online Coaching here.

[Free] Nutrition Guide here.

Recipe & Macro Guide here.

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